Mick Duckt N7XR

Arlington 2006


Photo courtesy of Richard Martin.

The best weather I've ever seen at Arlington!

The yellow and purple/white Long-EZs behind my plane are from California, but owners Tim and Steve wanted to stop in McMinnville (MMV) to see the Spruce Goose Museum and get fuel.They departed Sunday morning just before us as a flight of two. Roger in his Midget Mustang, Chip in his Lancair, and I, all of us based at MMV, departed right after them as a flight of three. The two flights arrived at MMV at about the same time. When we all got on Unicom frequency at McMinnville, we lined up and landed the 5 experimentals sequentially, then had breakfast at the Spruce Goose Museum.

Rotary engine guru Paul Lamar was there on Saturday. He took some photos of my new (ex-ducted-fan) cowl and prop for his newsletter.

You can see the bottom of my wings are not painted, still in primer after 7 years of flying! Shhhh... don't tell anyone.

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