Mick Duckt N7XR

Photographs of the Engine Installation

Photo of Judy Saber's beautiful work.

View of the right side of the engine. Note the stock exhaust manifold, a future weight reduction project. The air filter and airflow sensor were originally located on this side in the wing root area. The airfilter was removed and the airflow sensor was relocated to the right "armpit" location to make room in this area for the new intake system. Getting the intake off the top of the engine will allow the cowling to be streamlined better.

View of the left side of the engine. Note the stock intake manifold, another future weight reduction project. The oil cooler is located on this side, with a ram air scoop on the bottom cowl.

This photo was taken by standing on the strakes and shooting downward. You can clearly see the fan duct mounting structure.

View of the lower left oil cooler inlet.

View of the right lower engine air inlet. The airflow sensor was relocated from the right wing-root area to this "armpit" location to make room to put the new intake system in the right wing-root area.

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