Mick Duckt N7XR

Photos from my trip to Kansas, July 29 to August 3, 2005


I've had this flightplan from Oregon to Kansas via Utah laying around for several years, and finally implemented it. Last time in 2002 I took the longer Montana route.

On July 29 I flew non-stop to OGD Ogden Utah. There I was met by Cozy Builder Rick Irwin, who helped me tank up with mogas for the flight across Wyoming. It was getting hot and I was concerned about the heavy takeoff weight at high density altitude, so I decided to spend the night and takeoff early next morning when it was cooler. Thanks very much to Rick and his family for their hospitality. Even in the cool morning the takeoff run was very long and the climb out sluggish. The weather was perfect, no turbulence across Wyoming. I had to stop in McCook Nebraska and get about 10 gallons of gas to make the final leg into K75 Osborne Kansas.

August 1 I flew to KIXD to visit my sister and family in Olathe Kansas. The next day I flew back to central Kansas but landed at K61 Beloit instead of Osborne. Dad and Son were waiting there for me. We got an interesting tour of the nearby ICON manufacturing plant.

The morning of August 3 I departed for the trip back to Oregon, and made it in a single day this time. These photos were taken by Mom just before I departed at sunrise.

First stop on the return was KAIA Alliance Nebraska. Long runway, reasonable altitude, and they had mogas. Took off with a full load of fuel so once again I would not have to land at the high elevation Wyoming airports.

Next stop was Logan Utah. It was only noonish so I had the rest of the day to make it back to Oregon. Couldn't ask for better flying weather other than the summer temperatures. It was relatively cool by Utah standards, but I took off with only 25 gallons because of density altitude concerns (6500+). This meant I had to make stops every 2 hours instead of flying it non-stop. Next stop was Caldwell Idaho, I picked this field because it had the longest runway and lowest field elevation in the neighborhood. Temp was around 90, density altitude 4500', so I again took off with only 25 gallons, probably should have put in more. I had to stop at The Dalles OR for a final few gallons to get back to my home MMV.

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