Mick Duckt N7XR

Photos from my trip to Kansas, July 18-28, 2002


I flew to my home state of Kansas, to visit my family. The "safe" route is to follow I-90 across the Rockies. Here the airports are all around 3500 MSL instead of 7000 MSL across Wyoming following I-80. The lower density altitude gives better takeoff and climb performance. I flew the whole flight at 9500 - 12500 MSL.

Spent the first night in Billings, Montana. The EAA folks there were very friendly and let me keep my plane in their hangar overnight. They also helped me refuel with Mogas.

Here are some photos of my plane parked in the grass at my destination airport, K75, Osborne, Kansas. This airport is only about 20 miles from my parent's home, and has an excellent 4000 foot paved runway. I didn't taxi up to the hangars however, since the taxiway was gravel: don't want that stuff going through my prop!

Returned home by the same route, but had to stop and spend the night in Miles City, MT because of weather and fuel (bucking headwinds).

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